Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tattoo Loyalty

I created this Mary tattoo for our shops loyal client "Bobby the Boxer". He has been getting tattooed at Orange County Inkhouse for years, by two of our best black and grey tattoo artists! Franco Vescovi and Big Chief Billy. They are two great artists I have learned from so it was exciting to create this piece for Bobby! Durring our session we talked it up about loyalty and the elements that will test it! In the world itself I feel your loyalty in your life is tested every minute, with your choice of words, your choice of character and your abilites to go against the grain! When it comes to getting INK, to be loyal isnt to get tattooed by only one artist, although that is great too! Loyalty to me, is to show respect for eachother, respect for our time here, for our efforts and the talent that is carried in our skin forever!!

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