Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apprenticeship ends & a New Year begins!!

So each day brings a new lesson in life and in my work!! My tattoo apprenticeship came to an end this December2009! So that was a huge accomplishment! HUGE!!! Although I am still a lil goldfish in the industry of sharks I could not learn from anyone better than my boys!! I give thanks to Franco Vescovi and all the men of Orange County Inkhouse for throwing me over their shoulders and teaching me so many amazing things!! Last year I found many opportuniteis....even dreams i would have never imagined...only in my wildest!! With every great leap foward there are also set backs!! But in all amazing lessons learned for this new year!!

I am doing my best to keep up with all the opportunities that have been thrown my way!! Ultimately realizing I should either slow my roll or grow four more arms!! : ) Im still very young in my career and still learning the greatest lessons!! I never imagined the greatness that would have come with workin with an artist like Franco Vescovi....He is definately a man to love not just for his gifts in creating art but his gifts in giving light to the creative hearts that beat in southern califonia!!

The past few monthas I got to give thatnks to a bunch of people!! For guiding me along this wild world and inspiring me to keep pushing foward! HERE it goes!!

OC INKHOUSE!! Franco Vescovi, Alexis Vaatete, Big Gus, Willie Toledo, Estevan Oriol, Lucky, Joker Brand, Tay Herrera, OG Abel, Bobby Ruiz, Tribal Gear, Jose Lopez, Mia Valerio, Carey Hart, Big Flaco, Megan Young, Todd Pekar, Shane Gatto, Miss. Astrea, Laura Hollbrook, Lynda Carter, Joe Frazier, My moms and my family!!

Thanks for a great year in 2009!! This year has started off real well and Im looking foward to some more exciting adventures!!

Heres a few clips to get us back up to date!!

Much Love

Latisha Wood

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