Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Limited Edition Latisha Wood High Heels with Iron Fist

Here are some sneak peeks at the artwork Latisha has created for the next limited edition high heels with Iron Fist!! Get ready they will go fast Spring 2014!! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Pinup Book

Ive been loving working on my pinup book. Each piece I finish has got some great treasures in store. I'm looking forward to displaying all the girls for my book release. Have a peek at my pinup girl known as the Arc Angel Gabriella, the messenger of what is to come!!

Javiers Long Lasting Nickname

Javier was given the nickname "Pumpkin" at a young age. As we all did at a young age, he lost a lot of his teeth making him look like a jack o lantern, he said his pops started calling him pumpkin and since then it stuck. When he brought the concept to me I was excited to pull off this piece for him. We are looking forward to adding onto his sleeve so look out for some more creepy work for my boy Javier!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss. Mia's Joker Girl

This was such a fun time tattooing my friend Mia Valerio. We had the chance to meet up at OG Risks art studio and do her tattoo. Set up and ready to roll she chose to tattoo the top of her foot with my joker girl know as ...sshhhhh!!! Check out her custom ink!!!

Woody's Pin-Up

This piece I would have to say was one of the most memorable tattoos Ive done yet. My brother Jerry also known as Woody visited with me and the family at my moms lake for July 4th. When I have the chance to visit with my brothers I love to tattoo them. My brother Woody is a gem in my life. He spent most of his life as an army man, a lover of his Harley, his brothers, the ladies, and his family. When I had the chance to tattoo him I wanted to tattoo him with one of my pin-up girls, customized to fit him and his personality. To me the tattoo is my mark that will always be with him everyday when he looks down..there I will be. So very honored to do this tattoo for my brother Woody!!

Silvia's Soldier Girl

Working on this highly detailed Soldier Girl with Silvia was really a pleasure. When she first came to me and wanted a small piece on her ankle we started with a small rose and thorns. When we finished the rose she returned to add onto her piece. Silvia wanted a modern day soldier girl because like herself she is connected to her heritage but the image of the Mexican female has evolved. The Mexican female is well kept, strong, stylish and a lover of her culture.
I particularly love to do pieces like these because it gives me the opportinity to bring a new face to the modern day woman. I was honored to do this piece for her!! Look out for more...Miss. Silvia wants to rock a pair of my custom high heels ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting My 1st Pinup BOOK

So Im very excited about my next project! Ive been thinking about creating my own book for a very long time. Finally with enough artwork started and the support from fellow artists pushin me to create an amazing book Im on it! The book will be based on my pinup girls. I have several ideas as to how the books themes will roll into a full eye candy show. Starting the book off will be a full spectrum of my favorite Angels!! Im looking to have the book finished for this Christmas so look out for some more funn artwork!