Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cal's Pinup

So if your a stranger to my work you may not know that I love the art of the Pinup! Ok Wow....whats a Pinup?? Really?? Naa its all good...some people don't know what a pinup is!! It was given its name in the 40s by artists such as my favorites, Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas. Soldiers would paint their air plains in World War II with "Pistol Packin Momma's" and later pinups became popular amongst motorcycle riders! I found my love for the pinup while painting motorcycles, later my love grew as I learned more about my favorite pinup artists including the artist known as Olivia. This pirate pinup is a unique piece for me. Its is a tattoo that walks with a young Marine. His name is Calvin and he is marked to leave for Afghanistan this October, he says to me he's proud to have this strong women on his side! I find that when a man marks his plain, his motorcycle, or even his body with a pinup for it to be the hugest complement a man could give a woman. A pinup is to honor a woman's most wonderful parts whether it be her beauty, her personality, or even her strength, it is to me one of the greatest forms of art!

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